Sunday, February 12, 2012

Blogging For Traffic – It’s All about Targeted Traffic

Whether it’s a personal website, a company website, a product promotion or just your own blog, it doesn’t survive without traffic.  Blogs are a great way to obtain free organic traffic and they have become very popular in the online marketing community and are used by everyone from huge corporations to teenagers.  They are search engine friendly and a very powerful tool for driving your targeted traffic, but how do you blog for traffic?  Here are a few simple points that will help you get started.

The first order of business is to know about your target audience, study them.  What is their age group?  What are their intentions online?  What issues are they commonly having that you can provide unique help towards?  This gives you a base for providing good relevant content to your audience and this is of the greatest importance!  If your readers are not happy with what you’re providing them, they will not come back.  However, if you have great, unique content on your blog, they will continue to come back and help you spread the word about your blog by recommending it to others.

If you’re looking to sell products on your blog, don’t expect it to happen overnight.  In order for others to buy anything from you, you must first build a relationship with your readers.  The fact is that no one will buy anything from you until you have gained some sort of authority within your chosen topic or niche and have a faithful audience who trusts you.  On top of that, don’t ever right out attempt to “sell” your product to someone!  Such as saying within your posts; “Buy my new software now and try it for yourself.”  People don’t like to be proposed to buy something, they will almost always turn away and you’ll end up being seen as a salesman…  “Quoth, the salesman…  Never more…”  If people like what you provide within your content they will naturally see you as an authority figure and want to buy from you.

Now here’s something that I am surprised many don’t know about, but is so powerful!  Pinging…  If you don’t know what pinging is, then your process of getting seen by the search engines on a regular basis has been greatly reduced.  It’s very simple actually.  Just go to, add your URL, your keywords, or title of your post, enter the captcha code and within hours to a day or two, you’re indexed in the search engines.  What’s even greater is you can ping everything; and I mean everything!  Twitter, Facebook, your bookmarks, public profiles, tweets themselves, status updates, anything!  If it has a URL, it can be pinged and if your social account, name, website or anything you’re promoting online is at the URL you ping, you get fast exposure.

So there are a couple points about blogging for traffic and remember to ping everything you can!  There also are services out there that will ping your chosen URLs for you automatically.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Basics of Blogging – What Tools Are Best For You?

With internet marketing on the rise in the 20th century, online exposure is at its peak and the interest in blogging is well on the rise.  Blogs have become a very popular web-publishing tool for all types of people; firms, businesses, teenagers, affiliate marketers and huge corporations.  The reason why?  It’s an easy way for anyone to reach a worldwide audience; that’s why.  But if you’re new to blogging and don’t know where to start, how do you know what tools to use?  Here are a couple tips to help you with the basics of blogging.

Selecting the right blogging platform depends on what you’re looking for and your technical experience.  There are two basic types of platforms; free blogs, or self-hosted blogs.

Free blogs are providers like,, and  These types of blogging platforms are relatively easy to use, can be customized to some degree and some even come with handy little widgets for added features.  And though some might disagree, they can be promoted just as good as any other blog out there!  However, as I mentioned before, they can be customized to some degree and the reason I bring this up again is because if you’re looking to brand yourself, then this type of blog may not be for you.

Self-hosted blogs are platforms such as,, and of course my favorite,!  These types of blogs are best suited for those who have some knowledge of how to set up and host their own site.  They are also customizable to a serious degree!  Like take Wordpress for example.  It has so many plugins and features that are available, not only from Wordpress themselves, but also many third party plugins that can be added to your blog to help give you the features you may require.  What I like about Wordpress the most is that you can even come up with an idea for a plugin and have someone code it for you, or customize your blog through online service providers like, or  There are literally thousands of plugins that will help you along your way, even ones that can fully automate your blog and make it a self-promoting online money machine!  I absolutely love Wordpress!

So this wraps up our post about the basic of blogging, please don’t forget to leave your comments and share the link to my blog if you found it useful.  Also feel free to leave any questions you may have.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Welcome To My New Blog - Let's Learn Together!

There are thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, thousands of millions and even hundreds of thousands of millions of web-pages online all competing for position In Google, MSN and Yahoo search engines.  Sounds pretty wild eh?  It’s exhausting just thinking about it if you’re looking to gain a piece of the online pie, or gain a presence or reputation online.  However, it is not as hard as it seems to get the exposure you desire, even without hitting the number one position within the SEPRS.  For those of you who don’t know, SERPS stands for search engine result pages.  There are hundreds of search engines out there aside from the few I have mentioned but the Google, MSN and Yahoo search engines carry the most of the internet’s information.  In fact they carry all the traffic you desire.  All you have to do is optimize your web-page for two things in order to gain your traffic.

First, you must optimize your web-page for the search engines and make it known that you even exist!  You can build a great web-page, but if Google don’t know you’re there, neither does anyone else.  By optimizing I mean, article marketing, writing fresh content, using keywords properly and registering your web-page.  There are so many ways to get out there; you just have to follow the proper steps in the right order.

Second, you have to optimize your web-page to also be people friendly.  For example:

You build a blog and begin adding content to it not really knowing what you’re doing, completely new to blogging and you just go ahead and start copying information from the internet and paste it your new blog.  Now, not only are you stealing other people’s credit and work, but you are just sending out the same old information that is already out there.  You must be original with your content!  It must be useful, help solve issues others are having, regular and overall easy on the eyes.  Many people will start with a new site and “dress” it all up to “their liking” and it end up looking like a spam filled web-page.

Now with that in mind, what do you do?  You provide your own original content.  The search engines out there know about duplicate content and are into the business of providing fresh, updated content to their customers.  Thus, if you have duplicate content, you will get noticed by the search engines as a duplicated site and you won’t get as good of a score and end up being just another bystander on the sidelines of the internet.

So to conclude my first article, I will ask you to please leave your comments and questions so that I can help you further your adventures within the internet.  If you found this article useful, please share the link!